NEWAVE e-Lecture Series: [CANCELLED] Dialogue across disciplines in water and society interactions: socio-hydrology and hydrosocial frameworks | Prof. Michelle Kooy

December 3, 2020, 16.00 - 16.35

[CANCELLED] Dialogue across disciplines in water and society interactions: socio-hydrology and hydrosocial frameworks 

This e-lecture has been cancelled. Suggested readings on the topic can still be found below.


Wesselink, A., Kooy, M., and J. Warner .(2017). Socio-hydrology and hydrosocial analysis: towards dialogues across disciplines. WIREs Water 2017, 4:e1196.

Linton J, Budds J. (2014.) The hydrosocial cycle: defining and mobilizing a relational–dialectical approach to water. Geoforum, 57:170–180.

Di Baldassarre, G., Viglione, A., Carr, G., Kuil, L., Yan, K., Brandimarte, L., and Blöschl, G. (2015). Debates—Perspectives on socio-hydrology: Capturing feedbacks between physical and social processes, Water Resour. Res., 51, 4770– 4781.


Prof. Michelle Kooy 

Dr. Kooy is an Associate Professor in the Department of Water Governance at IHE-Delft Institute for Water Education and a guest researcher in the Department of Human Geography, Planning and International Development at the University of Amsterdam. Dr. Kooy’s research and education is concerned with understanding and transforming the politics of urban environments. Trained as a Human Geographer, Dr. Kooy takes water, and water infrastructure, as entry points to understand the processes through which unequal environments in and outside of cities are made, and can be transformed for more socially just and ecologically sustainable outcomes. Dr. Kooy has 20+ years’ experience in environment and development research and practice, both in and outside of academia. 

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