Work Packages are the building blocks of our project, measuring the progress NEWAVE is making. Each Work Package consists of several deliverables, which are the outputs of the project. Below you can see the list of NEWAVE's public deliverables.

Work Package 1: Project Management

D1.1 Project website (1-02-2020)

D1.4 Launch ICDHub (29-02-2020)

Work Package 2: Training

Work Package 3: Problématiques

D3.4 Problématiques synthesis academic paper submitted

D3.5 Problématiques Policy-science synthesis report distributed [download]

Work Package 4: Paradigms

D4.4 Paradigms synthesis academic paper submitted

D4.5 Paradigms policy-science synthesis report distributed [download]

Work Package 5: Patterns

D5.4 Patterns of governance synthesis academic paper submitted

D5.5 Patterns of governance policy-science synthesis report distributed [download]

Work Package 6: Synthesis

D6.2 Water Governance toolbox

D6.3 Report and recommendations to major water governance guidelines

D6.4 Synthesis scientific publications

D6.5 Water Governance Interactive Atlas

Work Package 7: Actionability

D7.2 Methodological approach for adaptation and learning [download]

D7.3 White paper on advanced participatory water governance [download]

D7.4 Policy brief and recommendations

Work Package 8: Dissemination

D8.2 Virtual labs reports I

D8.3 Virtual labs reports II

D8.4 Virtual labs reports III

D8.5 Policy white paper

D8.6 Report of publications in international, peer-reviewed journals and scientific presentations during NEWAVE

D8.7 Production of the NEWAVE documentary on new water governance transition

D8.8 Water Governance MOOC

Work Package 9: Ethics requirements