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Zuluaga-Guerra, P.A., Martinez-Fernandez, J., Esteve-Selma, M.A. & Dell'Angelo, J. (2023). A  socio-ecological model of the Segura River basin, Spain.Ecological Modelling, 478 [link]

Valin, N. & Huitema, D. (2023). Experts as policy entrepreneurs: How knowledge can lead to radical environmental change. Environmental Science & Policy, 142, pp. 21.28 [link]

El Mar Menor: Un Relato Colectivo

Here you can browse the divulgatory resources developed by Paula Guerra Zuluaga, NEWAVE ESR7, and Dr. Violeta Cabello Villarejo, Postdoctoral Researcher at the BC3 Basque Centre for Climate Change, during their process of collective knowledge construction in the context of the Mar Menor Socio-Ecological Crisis:

  • An infographic about the transformation of the Mar Menor Lagoon [ES] [EN]
  • A collective story on written with the help of 30 locals of the Mar Menor and the Campo de Cartegena regions [link]
  • A complementary audio story [link]

[All the resources are available in Spanish; English version will be made available soon]

These results originate from a collective work based on 30 interviews with inhabitants of the Mar Menor Lagoon and the Campo de Cartagena, a series of focus groups, and the collective edition of the text. Read more on the scientific development process in this blog post by Paula and Violeta.