NEWAVE Summer Summit 2021

‘The PPP framework as the foundation of the NEWAVE shared research agenda’  |  31.08 - 03.09, 2021 


Discuss the foundations and organise the work of the NEWAVE research agenda through the co-production process around the 3 P’s framework (Problématiques, Paradigms & Patterns) of water governance.


  • Build a sense of community and working relationships among NEWAVE Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs), supervisory groups, and Network Management Committee (NMC);
  • Revise the existing Description of Action (DoA), with the participation of the NMC and supervisors to review the research agenda of NEWAVE;
  • Define Teams: developing working groups around 3 P’s, including discussion of meta-analysis of each P for production of scientific articles, reports, atlas deliverables, etc;
  • Give meaning to the 3 P’s: defining a common language around 3 P’s Framework and collective understanding of the framework to specify underlying research questions;
  • Link the 3 P’s to NEWAVE's work plan and revise the action plan for the deliverables, including identification of roles, responsibilities, milestones, and timings.


  • DAY 1: Surfing the Waves (Big Picture Perspective)
  • DAY 2: Deep Dive (Focused Perspective)
  • DAY 3: Emerging to the Surface (From Synthesis to Action Plan)
  • DAY 4: Morning Session (ESRs and Supervisors)

*This is an internal event organized for the NEWAVE Consortium. Stay tuned for the outcomes!