NEWAVE Methods Training

NEWAVE Methods Training: Intensive and interactive 6-weeks online training held between February 05 and March 19, 2021. 


The overarching goal is to support the development of ESR research proposals

  • Guide transdisciplinary research design process to address water governance problematiques, paradigms, and patterns
  • Engineer an iterative and interactive process to advance research proposals, complementing training at home institution
  • Provide forum for student presentations, followed by peer and supervisor feedback
  • Promote mutual understanding of research projects to identify clusters working on similar questions, geographies or methods


  • Hands-on and practical tasks in the context of student proposals and research design processes
  • Stepwise process linking the weekly themes with specific products and outputs needed for i) ESR PhD projects and/or ii) other collaborative products stipulated by the proposal
  • Each student identifies and aligns activity with home institution requirements for their research proposal  (timing, guidelines) with supervisory support 
  • It is also important to emphasise that this is not a training on specific methods but guidance and support will be identified.


Panellists and Co-leading ESRs

  • Week 1: Prof. Dustin Garrick
  • Week 2: Prof. Margreet Zwarteveen
  • Week 3: Prof. Jens Newig
  • Week 4: Prof. Robert Hope
  • Week 5: Dr. Nuria Hernández Mora
  • Week 6: Prof. Dave Huitema


  • Each session should ideally be co-led by faculty and one ESR
  • Short lectures of 15 minutes (optionally, pre-recorded) to provide an overview of the key issues associated with each research step; 
  • ESRs take turns presenting their research outputs, typically in small breakouts moderated by session lead or invited panellist; 
  • Re-group with lessons and insights and dialogue with panellists


ESRs Supervisors
Identify home institution requirements and deadline for proposal Attend one session as a panellist and breakout room facilitator
Co-lead one session Provide timely feedback to their ESR on research design elements
Prepare material for session Ensure alignment between NEWAVE training and home institution requirements
Consult supervisors for feedback