Network Structure

The NEWAVE Network, in order to guarantee a successful implementation of the project, and to provide the highest quality in training and research, has the following structure :

  • The Supervisory Board
  • The Network Management Committee
  • The Advisory Board
  • Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) Board
  • Elders’ Committee

Strucutre of NEWAVE

Figure 1: NEWAVE management and decision-making structure.

The Supervisory Board consists of one representative of each beneficiary and partner organization as well as one rotational representative of the recruited PhD researchers.

The Network Management Committee is the main executive body of NEWAVE where strategic and management decisions are taken and plans for action developed. It consists of two Network Coordinators, responsible for the overall supervision and management of the network; a Director of Training, in charge of overseeing the training programme and career development; a Director of Research, overseeing the research programme; and Work Package Leaders, ensuring the interaction and monitoring the progress of the individual work packages towards attaining their respective deliverable. Their responsibilities include:

  • Collecting, reviewing and sending information on the progress of the network
  • Oversee the budget and coordinate financial reports
  • Organizing, presiding and documenting the meetings of the Supervisory Board and Network Management Committee
  • Implement the decisions agreed during the meetings of the Supervisory Board
  • Organizing, presiding and documenting the meetings of the Network Assembly
  • Act as link with the European Commission. In order to support the network coordinator.

The Director of Training  constantly evaluates the quality of the training provided to the ESRs, adjusting, if necessary, the training programme, ensuring the coherence among the training programme and career development and collects regular training reports from the ESRs regarding their progress, and reports on training activities to the Supervisory Board.

The Director of Researcher is responsible of ensuring the quality of ESRs’ personal research plans; coordinating with the ESRs and ensuring the integration and contribution to the respective Work Package, and the overall goal of the network ; providing advice to the individual ESR, most importantly on potential synergies between projects, on quality assurance measures, and on research implementation; coordinating synthesis effort together with Work Packages Leaders in the two concluding workshops; ensuring the high quality of the deliverables via an internal review process; and overseeing the dissemination of NEWAVE’s research results.

Each Work Package Leader is responsible for ensuring the effective implementation, overseeing progress and quality of work, and submission of the deliverables. Their main tasks are: organizing the work plan for each Work Package; monitoring the scientific progress and completion of deliverables and milestones of the Work Packages; submitting all deliverables to the Network Coordinators; and collecting internal reports from Work Package participants.

The Advisory Board is comprised by highly influential academic and extra-academic figures that provide strategic advice and support to the Network Management Committee. They meet twice a year via tele-conference, and can attend kick off meeting and the final meeting. The Advisory Board supports the connection of NEWAVE’s research agenda to related scientific work in the international arena, in both academic and non-academic sectors.  Its members are invited to the Supervisory Board meetings, Network Assemblies and to selected training and synthesis workshop to provide input from an outside perspectives and advice on training, scientific issues related to NEWAVE's progress and implementation. The Advisory Board is fully independent. 

The ESRs Board includes all the 15 ESRs. They discuss all issues pertaining their responsibilities and expectations. The board meets every three months and is in direct communication with the  Network Management Committee through the Director of Training and one of the Coordinators. 

The ETN ‘Elders’ Committee includes members of the successfully implemented ITN projects COUPLED and ENTITLE. They provide input to the Network Coordinators as well as the Supervisory Board, and share their experience. This allows NEWAVE to anticipate possible challenges and adjust accordingly.

The Network Assembly is the forum to discuss overall state of all actions, share progress and receive reports from the Network Management Committee. It meets one time per year and is open to all NEWAVE participants.