Earth's Day 2021: "Restore our Earth"

Knowledge co-production provides an insightful path towards sustainable futures. Check out this clip on how to use knowledge co-production for transformative purposes with Dr. Violeta Cabello.

Edited excerpt from her e-lecture on "Knowledge co-production" for Earth's Day.

World's Water Day 2021: "Valuing Water"

The theme for World Water Day 2021 is "Valuing Water". Water has different meanings to different people. We believe that to address water-related challenges, we must recognize and integrate water's multiple values -environmental, social, cultural, spiritual, economic, and political. It is essential to acknowledge them in order to ensure water equity and justice. On this special day, our Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) recorded an inspiring 3-minute video message about what water means to them.

Curious to know their answers? Check out our short clip!

International Women's Day 2021: "Choose to Challenge"

In this short clip Prof. Margreet Zwarteveen (NEWAVE Director of Training) shares an insightful anecdote when developing a program on 'Gender & Water' back in the 1980s, illustrating the role of women in science and “discussions of what is true about water and what is the most accurate representation of a water reality".

Edited from her e-lecture on "Ways of knowing water" for International Women's Day.