UN Water Conference: "Rival Waters: Governance in Contentious Socio-Hydrological Contexts" NEWAVE virtual side-event

March 23, 2023, 14.00 - 15.00

Join us for the NEWAVE UN Water Conference virtual side-event titled "Rival Waters: Governance in Contentious Socio-Hydrological Contexts". The session will take place on Thursday 23 March, 2023 14:00-15:00 CET. 

This session centers around the notion of contested waters, bringing in a variety of perspectives in a form of an opinion roulette, from the fields of both natural science and social science.

Join this session to learn more about the notion of water (in)justice within different contexts. Water conflicts, water grabbing and water injustice, all issues largely neglected in this Conference, will be discussed in this session by a number of leading scholars in the field. In their flash talks, our panelists will bring in diverse examples of water contestations from around the world. The session will be concluded with a moderated roundtables where the panelists will enter a discussion with each other and the audience.

We are honored to announce the list of leading scholars from the field who will be our panelists for this event:

  • Prof. Maria Cristina Rulli, Politecnico di Milano
  • Prof. Paolo D’Odorico, University of California, Berkeley
  • Dr Nuria Hernandez-Mora, Fundacion Nueva Cultura del Agua
  • Prof. Jan Selby, University of Sheffield
  • Dr Michael Puma, Columbia University
  • Prof. Jampel Dell'Angelo, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The session will be chaired and moderated by Dr Maria Rusca from the Global Development Institute of the University of Manchester. 

Make sure to register and join this session to learn more about the notion of water (in)justice, in particular within the context of land- and water grabbing. You can find the link to registration here.